Our Great Customers Says It All!
It's really a One of a Kind place. Always reminds me of the Good Old Days.

Glenn Singer

 I've been shoping at Cavaretta's since 1969 and have had so many parties catered. Thank you for always taking care of us.

Lisa Shuler

I just can't get enough of Cavaretta's Giant Meatballs !

All I need now is a nice cold Yoo Hoo.


 You guys rock! The best sandwiches anywhere.

John B

I just love all the pictures of Italian actors on the wall, especially the Godfather movie poster by the inside tables.


To me Cavaretta's is a place you go where everybody knows your name. I always run into an old friend or neighbor. Cavaretta's is more than just a place for great food, it is an experience like no other.

Kevin and Marla

The best italian food in town.


Just like mama makes, I love cavaretta's.

The food is great, and the people that work there are so friendly when I walk in they know my name and what sandwich I want and how I like it. These days personal touch like that is hard to find.


 Every time I go in there the smell gets me going and I have to keep buying more stuff. I love your store.

Stacy Dawson
I thought when I left New York all the good food was gone but when I found you guys I was in heaven. Your Italian sausage and Cannoli are better than back home.
Thanks you guys,


  All I can say is that I've been shopping there since Lou Cavaretta opened in 1959 and the store still has the same great food and service, thanks for staying simple.


 Always fresh and consistent. Great family atmosphere,

customer for over 25 years.

Joe Gorman

Best sandwiches in the San Fernando Valley!


Just a bunch of nice guys, fast and friendly.


Have been going there since the mid 1960's and the food, quality and service are better than ever.


I just can't say enough about the friendly atmosphere, it's really an experience going in and getting involved.

 Janet Friedman

I grew up going to Cavarettas. My mother and I would buy our Italian groceries, mostly cold cuts and breads, every Sunday religiously! She loved Cavarettas so much that not even the Northridge Quake stopped her from going there. The day of the Northridge Quake back in '94, my mother insisted that Cavarettas' was open for business (after a 7.0 earthquake!) and we had to buy some of their food. Besides, all the other stores were closed, but she thought, Cavarettas will be up and running! I kept telling her that the store was upside down and they must be cleaning it, but despite my efforts, we drove there anyway. I remember 2 or 3 large aftershocks just while we were parking the car in front of the store. I said "Look, I told you they weren't open!" She went to the front door and peeked in and they told her they were cleaning up the mess (hello??). That's how much my mother loved Cavarettas. If we were going to be stuck in rubble and aftershocks at home-we had to do it eating Italian cold cuts from Cavarettas. To this day, walking through Cavaretta's doors, there are so many different types of memories that flood my mind. I love Cavarettas not only because of the great food, but because it holds a special place in my heart.
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